Facts about Astrology and Natal Birth Charts

October 13, 2012

Natal ChartMany people are very interested to know about their astrological information because they believe that it tells them accurate information about the future. Astrological data is gleaned by analyzing the details about their birth time and their birth places to find out information about how their stellar influences will effect them. You start using natal charts by just studying the qualities it highlights for you, as it provides clarity into your life to do a bit of self-discovery. It also lays out the map, the framework so you can have structure for the system you are about to use. This chart is the kind of microcosmic map of the universe, your universe meaning you in the center of your own world. Analyzing your charts tells the astrologer the details about the current situation, future events, the problems which are going to arise in the future, and possible solutions for the specific problem.
This birth chart is related to names such as horoscopes, nativity chart, natus, radix, genithliac charts, and numerology. This chart includes the astrological signs of various planets and navagraga gods. The astrological components in a natal chart includes the sun, moon, the planets, and stars and other heavenly bodies. All of these planets and space objects are denoted with the appropriate signs and it provides the overall information about the astrological events, their place, and houses of the planet signs. These signs and terms of these charts take into account all of the signs and characteristics of the specific person’s birth time and place. It is an easy way of accessing exciting information and its possibilities are the surprising thing. Using the information gained by studying these natal charts, the astrologer can work out the general events about the person’s life in a simple way and they can tell the person about upcoming opportunities and pitfalls.
Astrology chart maps are comprised of a single wheel with twelve astrological lines dividing it like a clock. Each line shows the astrological aspects, conjunctions and opposition of the twelve zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are located at the outer portion of the wheel. Similarly, it also has twelve different types of astrological arcs in the central parts of the birth charts. These are arcs are used to plan the astrological houses of the number of zodiacal aspects.
By using the arcs of birth charts, the person can know about their astrological characteristics and about the general timing involving the incidents of their life. These charts also include the different kinds of symbols, which specify the planets and astrological signs. The astrologer can calculate the number of angels which are presented in the arcs. In the event that a person does not know the specific time of their birth, they can try to guess as accurately as possible, but it wouldn’t make too much of a difference.